Northwest Archivists, Inc.

Code of Conduct for Events

Adopted 12 May 2014

Part of the mission of Northwest Archivists, Inc. (NWA) is to hold events (trainings, workshops, activities, meetups, social events, conferences, and meetings) for its members throughout the year. These friendly and welcoming event spaces are intended to promote the free spread of ideas, facilitate professional networking, foster open dialog, and encourage continuing education in our region.

NWA is dedicated to continuing its long tradition of providing a safe, harassment-free event and meeting experience for everyone. Therefore, we do not tolerate harassment of/by event participants in any form. Harassment includes
  • unwanted sexual attention
  • stalking (physical or virtual)
  • unsolicited physical contact
  • deliberate intimidation
  • harassing recording or photographing
  • continued disruption of participants (verbally or physically)
  • offensive comments, jokes, put-downs, insults, slurs, epithets and ridicule based on race, religion, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, ethnicity, disability, physical appearance, body size or other group status
All participants are expected to observe these rules and behaviors in all event venues and spaces (physical or virtual) and NWA sponsored social events (including tours, receptions, and any other conference spaces). Participants include: attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, vendors, venue support staff, guests, and volunteers. Event participants violating these rules may be asked to stop, given a warning, or even expelled from the event at the discretion of the organizers.

Northwest Archivists, Inc. values your membership and the safety of all participants at our events. We take all reports of harassment seriously.

If you are being harassed, notice someone being harassed, or have other concerns, please report it to the event organizers immediately. During the annual meeting, the registration desk will be your point of contact. Only the President, the Local Arrangements Committee Chair, and the Program Committee Chair have the authority to respond to situations at the annual meeting. The President or specific event organizer(s) have the authority to respond to situations in other NWA events (physical and virtual).

Emergency contact information for the annual meeting (regarding venue security, local law enforcement, and pertinent hot-lines) can be found onsite at the registration desk. For virtual events, please contact the current President, the Chair of the Professional Development and Education Committee, or specific organizer(s) of the event.

Please note that NWA events might at times deal with sensitive content as well as subject matter that could be perceived as sexual or graphic in nature. This Code of Conduct does not cover exposure to relevant event material unless these materials are being used in an inappropriate and abusive manner towards participants (i.e. visual assault). If you have any questions about the relevance of your conference or event material, please don’t hesitate to contact the President, the Chair of the Program Committee, or the organizer(s) of the event.

Thank you for helping to make NWA events safe, friendly, and welcoming.

This policy is not a response to a particular past incident or reported occurrence. It is modeled on American Library Association’s Statement of Appropriate Conduct at ALA Conferences, US OpenGLAM Launch/Friendly space policy, and the example policy the Geek Feminism Wiki, created by the Ada Initiative and other volunteers.
Please contact Colleen Needham (Communications Chair) with any questions. 

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